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Returning to a smoke and fire damaged home

After the Fire: Returning Home

No one expects to return home to find that a fire has occurred on their property. Not only is it a devastating experience, but it can be difficult to know how to respond or the necessary steps to take. If a fire breaks out and causes damage, there are a few important tips to take on your property in Georgia.

1. Check for Injuries

Immediately locate all your family members and pets to determine if everyone is safe and was able to make it out of the building. Immediately reach out to any family members that may not be on the property to inform them of the accident. Call 911 if anyone in the home needs medical attention and is affected by the smoke or flames.

2. File an Insurance Claim

Contact your homeowner’s insurance or a company like Georgia Fire Claims to file a claim to begin the process of restoring your home and reversing the damage. Document the damage by taking photos, making a list of items that are damaged or lost, and estimating the cost of all your belongings that were lost in the fire. Public insurance adjusters will be sent to your property to inspect the damage and document everything. You’ll relate to local restoration companies to begin the process of removing the damaged materials and rebuilding the areas that have been affected.

3. Find Safe Housing

Avoid entering your home or spending a lot of time in it until the fire department can do a walk-through to determine if it’s safe. An expert will also be able to tell you if your home is safe to live in when you’re in the process of receiving restoration services. If the house has suffered extensive damage, you’ll need to find another place to live temporarily. There are often health risks associated with spending time in a building where smoke and fire damage are present, making it necessary to stay with a family member or friend. Your insurance policy may also cover the cost of a hotel for a specific period.

4. Save Possessions That Weren’t Damaged

A restoration company will assist you in going through your personal belongings to determine if there are items that are still in good shape and weren’t damaged by fire or smoke. There are often items that aren’t affected by the fire, especially if you have a fireproof box where important documents are stored. Some items may also be salvageable, which can reduce the risk of loss. Take inventory of what needs to be repaired or replaced to ensure you’re organized, and the insurance company can cover the costs of purchasing new items.

Having a plan in place if a fire occurs on your property can allow you to be more prepared and remain calm. Reach out to our public insurance adjusters to learn additional steps to take and to file a claim if fire damage occurs on your property.