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Common Issues When Filing a Fire Claim in Georgia

Have you experienced a fire in your home and need to file a claim? Fires are certainly alarming and can lead to extensive damage to your property. Unfortunately, some fire claims don’t always come without issues. Read on to learn 4 common issues you can face when filing a claim. 

Georgia Fire Claims: 4 Issues When Filing a Fire Claim 

The process of getting compensated after a fire can certainly be difficult. Things like understanding your insurance coverage, talking to your insurance company, and dealing with damages incurred, are all common issues. Here are 4 issues you may encounter when filing a fire claim to help you prepare.  

Communicating With Your Insurance Company 

Filing a claim is a time-sensitive situation. In fact, failing to report to your insurance company can result in a lack of compensation for damages under your policy.  

For this reason, it’s important to contact your insurance company right away and talk with a fire claims adjuster to begin the claims process.  

In addition to this, it’s important to follow all the appropriate steps to file a claim. This includes filing your claim in writing, thoroughly documenting damage, requesting your long-form policy, and keeping close track of all expenses due to the accident.  

Repairing vs Replacing 

Many homeowners aren’t aware of this, but the insurance company has the right to either repair or replace your damaged property.  

It’s generally better to replace damaged property after a fire. But, insurance companies will often provide repairs as part of compensation.  

Unfortunately, some repairs can lead to various problems, such as:  

  • Repaired sections don’t match the other sections of the property 
  • Repairs may not restore the original quality 
  • Insufficient repairs may lead to homeowners no longer wanting the home 

Not Understanding Your Policy 

Another common issue that homeowners have after a fire claim is not actually understanding their policy and what’s covered.  

If your home has just experienced an unexpected fire, you may be under the impression that your insurance policy covers all damages. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as being underinsured.  

In fact, the homeowner’s “lost settlement” clause penalizes homeowners for not insuring their homes up to 80 percent of their value. If your home isn’t properly insured, this can put you at a disadvantage when filing a fire claim.  

This is why it’s important to thoroughly examine your insurance policy. If you haven’t already, ask your insurance company to provide you with your full policy for more details.  

Dissatisfied With Recommended Contractors 

Once you file a fire claim and the insurance company accepts, they will recommend contractors for you to use to help repair your home.  

However, the recommended list of contractors may not be your preferred choice. The good news is that you’re not required to use the contractors offered by your insurance company. You’re free to use a contractor that you feel is best suitable for the project.  

Dealing with fire claims can be a tedious process, especially when communicating with a fire claims adjuster. But, getting the compensation you deserve is certainly possible. If you’ve just filed a claim, consider these tips to help you along the process. For hiring a fire insurance claims adjuster contact Georgia Fire Claims or call (833) 899-FIRE,